The magic of underwater world and the feeling of weightless and neutral bouncy is amazing. This can stop and change the plan of traveller.

Xenia and Fritz a young couple and world traveller from Switzerland  came into The Dive Ao Nang 3 weeks ago. They just wanted to check an Open Water Diver course and maybe do the course with us and continue their journey to explore the wide world. After a chat one day and one night thinking and checking the dive shops around Ao Nang Xenia and Fritz decided to start the PADI Open Water Diver Course with us.

I found out after the general procedur of paper work Xenia loves the water but Fritz can not imagine how to breath under the water. Both love animals. Both love adventure. But Fritz stil cannot imagine how human being can breath under the water. A day later we were in the pool for the confined water session and Fritz stil cannot imagine how man can breath under the water.

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Emma and Victor, was with me diving on the 26.11.12. A perfect day out diving.

Dive sites, were Maya Nui South and Mushroom rock. A good day with very good visibility, up to 20 meters. It was very beautiful reef with colorful corals and Read more

Thursday, 22.11.12 We went diving @ Koh Phi Phi. Dive sites was Bida Nok and Ao Nui. Diving Bida, was very beautiful that day, sting rays in the sand, two nice and big cuttlefish, one of them with a remora sitting on it and the cuttlefish did not like that.

Later on the dive we saw a leopard shark lying in the sand and Read more

Im Jahre 2008 kam ich das erste Mal nach Ao Nang und habe Ausschau gehalten nach einem deutschsprechenden Instructor. So habe ich Liz kennen gelernt. Ich habe mit ihm meinen Open Water Diver Kurs gemacht. Die Unterwasserwelt hat mich von da an total in den Bann gezogen. Für mich war klar, ich möchte weiter machen. Somit kam ich 1-2 mal und einmal sogar 3 mal im Jahr nach Ao Nang, um zu tauchen. Ich habe alle meine Kurse bis zum Rescue Diver mit Liz gemacht, da ich ihn als einen sehr kompetenten, vertrauenswürdigen und lustigen Instructor empfinde.

Gerne wäre ich immer viel länger in Ao Nang geblieben. In der Schweiz war ich jedoch mitten in meinem Studium. Für mich war aber klar, dass ich nach meiner Ausbildung längere Zeit nach Ao Nang gehen werde, um meinen Divemaster zu machen. Da traf es sich gut, dass Liz und Björn gerade im Sommer 2012 einen eigenen Tauchshop eröffneten. Und da bin ich nun, ich bin Divemaster Trainee bei The Dive Ao Nang seit Oktober 2012 und werde noch bis Januar 2013 bleiben. Read more

Since almost one year Adrien got his PADI Open Water Diver Book. He wanted to do the course with me when he was living and working in Sofitel Krabi. Not to long time he changed his working place to Zazen Boutique Resort and Spa and lives now in Samui. Stil he managed his time and find the way back to me for 3-4 days and did the PADI Open Water Diver Course with me @ The Dive Ao Nang. It was nice to see him again.

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Sunday 11.11.12, we went to Koh Phi Phi, for snorkeling.

It was a nice morning to go out, some clouds on the sky. A day with not too much sun. we saved a bit on the sunscreen. It was a nice boat ride to Phi Phi, we went to the famous turtle spot, that we call Maya Nui South. Already when we arrived there and before everybody jumped in the water, the first turtle came up too the surface for air.

We all went in the water, most diving, but we were 9 people snorkeling. After just few minutes, I saw the first turtle, another one coming up for air.


After a fresh breath of air, or two, “he” went down to eat on 6 meters of water. Just next too “him” Read more

A-S-K Cluster are 3 dive spots for 3 dives day starts from Ao Nang. Anemone reef was the reason we have since 1997 a very nice dive spot calls King Cruiser. The car and passenger ferry servicing between Phuket and Phi Phi hit on 4th of may 1997 the Anemone reef and sank on the sandy bottom to 32 meter not to far from Anemone reef. Now occupy lots of fishes the wreck. Near by the next beautiful dive spot calls Shark Point.

If you think about scuba diving in ao nang. Please come and visite us @ The Dive Ao Nang and ask about the A-S-K Cluster.

Here are some pictures from the 4th november 2012.


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Our business is not only scuba diving or organize trips. We try to find the time to take care for our environment and our lovely Ao Nang.

Sometime we find some help. But anytime we make new experiences. This time we’ve got the little Thai girl on the beach helping us. Her name is GO DEE. She didn’t talk much. She just followed us and helped to clean up the beach. Thanks you “GO DEE” !


The Old man @ Ao Nang beach

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Here are some pictures for this blog. Sometime we do not need lots of words to explain what we do.


Thanks to our friends Faa (we love ao nang), Dada, Bang Deane, Meaw (Tipa Resort), Tuk (Krabi Discovery Tour), Nong Sand, Caroline, Big Boss, Pum and  The Dive Ao Nang Team for this day.

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Thanks to Tobias w. Laxa with his PADI Open Water Diver course with The Dive Ao Nang (private PADI course for regular price) we’ve seen lots of black tip reef sharks @ maya nui, Phi Phi. His first two dives were done @ Phi Phi ley.

With Susann our new Dive Master Trainee from Switzerland, Him and me (Liz…the only thai PADI dive Instructor in Ao Nang teaches all PADI courses in German, English and Thai) We did know we gonna see some black tip reef sharks. But we did not expect to see lots of them.

I just did the briefing with Tobias and Susann about some skills what Tobias has to do and some more details about this dive-site and what we hope to see.

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